Planning A Fishing Trip? The Top Saltwater Fishing Destinations!

Being the world’s largest ocean, it’s no surprise that the Pacific is the ultimate angler’s playground. But it’s enormity can make it tough when trying to choose a destination for your next fishing trip. Luckily, we have come up with a list of four amazing saltwater fishing destinations. These destinations are some of the most spectacular locations for different fishing activities such as popping and jigging, fly fishing and trolling, amongst others. Here are the top saltwater fishing destinations around the South Pacific area.

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands boasts an abundant amount of marine life, and the place is virtually untouched so you can’t help but be swept away by its natural beauty. This tiny nation is home to some of the world’s largest game fish – and you can even catch them in the coastal areas. Popular fishing activities in the Solomon Islands include, deep sea charter, onshore fishing and estuary fishing. A number of prized catches like marlin and yellowfin tuna can be found here.

Cook Islands

Just like most island nations in the South Pacific, Cook Islands is blessed with the tropical staples – clear waters, friendly temperatures and landscapes you thought you could only see in paintings. But what sets this country apart from some other nations in the region is that it is not as crowded with fishermen. Meaning you don’t have much competition in landing your dream game fish. Cook Islands is best if you want to land mahi mahi and wahoo. It’s a great spot for fly fishing, spear fishing and kayaking along the depths of the reefs.

Christmas Island

Whether you’re a professional angler or just starting out, this island should be on your saltwater fishing destination bucket list. Christmas Island is not just an ordinary island, it is the largest coral atoll in the world. This means that it is home to many game species, including bonefish. Enjoy wading as you fish in their sand flats – it’s abundant with the prized bonefish.


And last on our list of South Pacific saltwater fishing destinations is a location which is very close to our hearts. Vanuatu is home to a massive amount of game species from yellowfin and marling, through to giant trevally and dogtooth tuna. When you visit Vanuatu, you will not only be amazed by the beaches and the marine environment, but you will also be spellbound by the natural wonders within the islands. It’s an angler’s paradise and a honeymoon or holiday destination at the same time.

The Pacific Ocean has loads of saltwater fishing destinations you can visit. But if you’re really passionate about angling or you want to get off to a great start in this region, we suggest to visit these four countries first. Vanuatu fishing, in particular, is the ideal place to begin for variety and abundance.

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Planning A Fishing Trip? The Top Saltwater Fishing Destinations!

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