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Ladies to the Front: Women Anglers Growing in Numbers

For a long time, fishing has been a sport dominated by men. Nowadays however, more and more women are taking an active interest in this adventurous sport. According to a recent study, around 41% of anglers in the US are ladies – that’s more than a quarter of the number of anglers all up. Stick around for a few minutes to read why you’re gradually seeing a lot more women fishing.

There’s A Market For Women Fishing

Due to the increase in the number of female anglers, a market for the ladies has become more visible. Many big angling brands have created lines that are intended for women only, such as specific gears. This alone is a good sign that women have become a growth demographic for fishing.

Challenging Norms

Over the past few years, many movements have focused on empowering women. Perhaps this is another way for women to challenge the social norm, proving that they can also do physically demanding activities such as landing giant fish. Today, you will also see an increase in female fishing captains and making a living through fishing.

A Few Intro Tips for Interested Ladies?

If you’re female and want to try your hand at fishing but still feel hesitant, don’t worry. It’s only natural to be a bit fearful when you want to try a challenging outdoor activity such as saltwater fishing. Here are some tips on how to start your fishing hobby.

Get Started – You want to try fishing but you have no idea where to start you can always participate at a fishing clinic near you. These clinics teach people the basics of fishing, such as identifying a catch and local fishing regulations.

Basic Gear – Aside from rods, lines and wheels, you need to own a pair of utility gloves, ones with rubberised palms. This will help you protect your hands as you grab your catch. As for bait, there are a number of live baits available in a fishing supply near you. If you’re not too keen about using live baits, synthetic lures will do.

Where to Fish – If you live near the coast then you’re lucky, you can just go to the shore to fish. If you can, sign up for a fishing trip. Fishing trip organisers can help you iron out your itinerary and you will be guided by a fishing expert. Don’t forget to bring your female friends, too. The more women fishing, the more fun the trip will be.

Fishing is A Great Photo Op Activity

Is your prospect into photos and selfies? Then taking them out for a fishing date is a brilliant idea. When you’re in nature – every scene is “Instagrammable”. Imagine, you guys are on the sea, surrounded by blue skies and bluer water plus the magic of natural lighting – it’s an ideal setting for an Instagram post! And when you capture more photos of you having fun or posing with your catch. you can simply expect to get more likes and comments.

It’s Really Just a Fantastic Date Idea

Going out for a cup of coffee? Very basic. Dinner for two? Been there. We may have come a long way, but when it comes to dating, we are still doing the plain, boring ideas. When you take your date for a fishing weekend, it’s more than just spending time together. Fishing involves a lot of physical activity and, needless to say, a great amount of teamwork. You’ll not just having fun but you also have more time connecting with each other to achieve a common goal – landing a game fish.

With these reasons, we can say that a fishing date is a great idea. Take your date on a fishing trip and they may just like it; who knows, maybe you’ll become a fishing couple!

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Ladies to the Front: Women Anglers Growing in Numbers

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