Chasing Sails in Vanuatu

Sailfish well recognised for it’s strength and amazing acrobat spectacle have been found in numbers closer to our lodge and have certainly become perhaps the most popular fish when inshore fishing with Ocean Blue guide Stephen Moderan.

Born and raised in New Caledonia, fishing since the age of 4, one can say that Stephen is a real fishing addict. As a professional guide he’s a great resource and continues to understands their habits, patterns and locations.

Each of our guides employs different techniques, but many of the tips and secrets translate to our waters here in Vanuatu. Stephen trolls using flying fish, rigged naked to a circle hook giving anglers only one chance, if they miss a strike, all that’s left is the head. His other techniques also include jigs and casting stick bait combinations.

With a personal best, a solid 76kg Sailfish, Stephen explains that water temperature does matter when chasing Sailfish and generally focuses on early morning charts. He also looks for birds exhibiting specific behaviour ie cruising or actually diving and working the water. Once a specific area heats up, with anglers getting bit often, he works the area thoroughly. Stephen recommends never to drop the line back too early before the fish inhales the bait. Simply wait for the fish to turn away from the boat with the bait before engaging, especially with a circle hook.

“Chasing Sailfish is all about patience and not to rush with the hook up”

Stephen Moderan

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Chasing Sails in Vanuatu

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