Fabulous Vanuatu Live on board Expedition

Here in Vanuatu you never have far to go to catch fish. Whether staying at our Trees and Fishes Angler’s Lodge or taking on one of our live on board expeditions there are no long runs to the grounds

Seasoned angler Anthony Dimech and a group of mates recently found that out when on a exploratory live on board trip. With unseasonable northwest winds limiting the accessible locations, the guys were limited to fishing the protected south east corner of the islands.

While this was not the plan it didn’t stop the fish from nailing the poppers and jigs. You don’t always have to travel far to experience some of the best fishing grounds in the Pacific. Targeting large GTs and Dogtooth Tuna using modern high tech heavy spin tackle, armed with state of the art poppers and jigs, the guys were able to land some nice fish. Not to mention the many that won their freedom in anticipation for next years return battle.

“Fabulous, with many fish left behind for next time.”

Anthony Dimech – Australia


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Fabulous Vanuatu Live on board Expedition

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