GT Cherry is a 40kg Beauty with Ocean Blue!

This was Nicholas Santeloudi’s third Ocean Blue trip, joined this time by his good friend Anders Leonard, both anglers keen for a Sportfishing Adventure targeting Vanuatu’s reef & bluewater dwellers. Spring conditions are great for topwater fishing here. When the water hots up the GT’s become most active, plus it’s around spawning time so they tend to be even more aggressive. Next comes finding them… and Trees and Fishes is ideally positioned on the sheltered lee side of Efate and protected by steep islands giving access to a variety of sport fishing locations such as shallow and deep reefs, dropoffs, current fed passages and nice structure. This was actually Anders first time GT fishing, it’s quiet a steep learning curve to be casting big lures in these waters knowing what is around. Here is (guide) Andrea Traverso’s account of the moment when Anders hooked up to his first fish…and popped his GT cherry! 😉

Conditions have really picked up for hunting GT’s, we’re into prime season now. You almost get a feeling when there will be a run of big fish. This was one of these days… After a topwater session getting only smaller size GT’s, both Anders & Nicholas put out long casts towards some deep bommies we could actually see lying in about 20m water. Nic’s lure landed first and he started retrieving his floating stick bait to the boat when half way a big GT got half its body out of the water to crash the lure, it was an amazing big strike, but nothing! Unfortunately for Nic, it missed the hooks and then continued straight for Anders sinking stickbait, which was being retrieved not far behind. Lit up GT’s like this don’t muck around, it just engulfed the lure and kept going. It was a great fight from Anders, especially for his first GT battle he didn’t know what to expect. Keeping strong drag all the time and no slack line, we got the fish away from the bommie and into deep water. Once at the boat, we got a quick photo and released her back to swim away. It was a very special celebration for him. That’s GT fishing, it may take 1 cast or 100 casts. Just be ready for the big strike! When it comes, you can’t afford to miss it

What a great first fish on topwater for an angler who is new to the GT popping game. Congratulations to Anders on his lifetime catch and to Nicholas for another great adventure and great fishing also. Look forward to round 4 in 2016!

The service is amazing at all levels. 3 years in a row I’ve visited and had an awesome trip each time. Commend all your crew and staff. I will be back.

Nicholas Santeloudi-Australia

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GT Cherry is a 40kg Beauty with Ocean Blue!

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