Rompin’s 1st ever Sailfish Landed on a Sabiki Rig!

An amazing effort by 12 year old Anton Jokovic to be the first angler ever known to land a Rompin sailfish on a Sabiki bait jig. Just part of an amazing 20 fish, 2 day session he shared last week!

His dad Vic had an awesome trip fishing Rompin back in May & really wanted to return this time with his son Anton. Vic’s first report can be read here!!

Anton was jigging for bait with a sabiki rig which a Megabass squid jig was tied to, a technique which can catch both bait and squid at the same time. Whilst bringing in some more bait destined for the live well, the estimated 25kg sailfish took the baitfish on his sabiki next to boatside…and then, all hell broke loose!

Using a Daiwa Certate 3500 with Majorcraft Offblow PE1.5-3 rod Anton showed great skill & did an amazing job to subdue the sailfish on such light gear.  The Sail managed to get it’s bill wrapped by the line itself with the squid jig happened to be at the side of it’s mouth when it came boatside.

Some might say it is the unluckiest sailfish in the South China Sea, but that isn’t what’s remarkable about this capture. Plenty of sailfish take live baits hooked on sabiki rigs just under the boat, these occurrences are indeed common in Rompin but typically ends all too quickly in a bust off.

In all his years fishing and guiding Rompin, this is the first sail landed on a sabiki rig reports Ocean Blue’s Asia Rep, Rob Chang.

In total Vic and Anton landed 20 Sails in 2 days, 5 double’s, 1 triple hook up and lost count of how many other fish were lost… Congrats again Anton and you now have a Megabass Squid jig as a souvineer of this capture. Can’t wait to hear what happens on your next trip to Rompin in a few months time.

Ocean Blue

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Rompin’s 1st ever Sailfish Landed on a Sabiki Rig!

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