Tom Offerman’s West Coast New Caledonia Trip Report

Our 5 day fishing trip with Ocean Blue far exceeded our expectations. What made it really outstanding was the committment of the boat skipper, Etienne, and deckhands to make ours an experience we will always remember.

Nothing was ever a problem for them and it was a pleasure getting to know them. Their tremendous respect for their precious lagoon and the environment were inspirational. Some of the bigger fish slammed us against the sides of the boat a few times which was all part of the fun. We lost one absolute horse of a GT which snapped the rod and was fought by hand before pulling the hooks boat side; Etienne estimated it at around 70kg! All fishermen survived, and only one fish didn’t make it back into the lagoon.

Congratulations and thank you to all at the Ocean Blue team!

Tom Offerman

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Tom Offerman’s West Coast New Caledonia Trip Report

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