Dave Whitley and Son’s enjoyed their fishing trip in Vanuatu

Trophy Trip for Dave Whitley and Son’s

This was David Whitley & son’s (Dan & Joe) yearly fishing trip. On this adventure Marlin, Yellowfin and wahoo were on the bucket list. All bets were on for this father & sons affair with all three of them getting their trophy fish. David (father) got hist first Marlin (with a bit of help from young Joe in the last 5 minutes)estimated at 70kg. Dan landed his first Wahoo and numerous decent sized Mahi Mahi, and as for Joe got a Yellowfin weighing in at 42kg, with his previous best at 20kg. Great effort by all and congratulations to Joe for getting the “Man of the Match” for landing the biggest fish and picked up $100 bucks each from his father (David) and older brother Dan.

“Trees and Fishes, well what can you say, we were waited on hand and foot I had my own personal barkeeps probably as I was the only one drinking, Jeanine and her crew gave us the best hearty breakfasts, (my 2 boys can eat and she filled them up every morning ), lunches were different but tasty with some differnt tasting delicasises each day ( no one complained ), and dinners which were getting into the 4 course bracket were divine, I’m to old to eat that much food so the boys usually helped me out to make things look good and not upset Jeanine. Believe me, Jeanine did the works for the boys food wise, I love my garlic mash and asked her to cook it for me early in the trip, she said “ try my mash “ I did I’m hooked and I need the recipie for the lumpy, tasty mash that has local things in it that I dont know what they were but tasted Fab, even had it for brekky one morning as she had some left over form the night B4”.
“Top Time, hope to see you next year”

Team Redback CQ, David, Dan & Joe Whitley

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Trophy Trip for Dave Whitley and Son’s

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