Could this be your Vanuatu fishing adventure story?

Picture this: You’re on a tropical South Pacific island, an easy 30 minute drive from the airport then you arrive at a private and idyllic fishing resort. The Ocean Blue transfer van and trailer is carefully unloaded for you by one of our cheery Ni Vanuatu island staff.

Now you’ve loaded up your bag with twice the amount of jigs you could possibly ever use (or lose) and played down the whole weight issue to your wife, taxi driver and every airport staff you’ve encountered thus far.
He grabs your rod tube in one hand and your lead plated suitcase in the other, and effortlessly carries them off to your room… very cool.

Meanwhile, a tropical mocktail arrives as you relax & take in your new surrounds, waterfront dining & social areas, no neighbours in sight, only 4 rooms nestled into landscaped gardens and staff that already know you by name. Your focus however is attracted to Al Dente & Azzurra, the 2 x state of the art 32ft EdgeWater centre consoles tied up to the jetty. The smaller 17ft Andiamo looks a whole lot of fun too, but cute by comparison.

Then right on cue, gun fishing guides Andrea, Eric and Stefan arrive down the pathway for the welcome briefing and to go over the plans for the week. Beers and those moorishly good cassava chips are hastily cleared as the large scale Vanuatu marine chart of Efate and it’s surrounding islands now covers a section of the equally huge dining table.

Andrea explains the calm sheltered waters here in Port Havannah make up one of the deepest natural harbours in the southern hemisphere. There are often sailfish free jumping only a hundred meters away, doggies are closeby and GT’s to 40kg cruise by this private beach. With his French accent he suggests you could paddle one of those outrigger dugout canoes (they’re not just for decoration you know) during your stay.

Back to the chart, weathered fishermans hands point out the 2 islands opposite, and then in all directions he casually traces out what can be achieved within your itinerary. Countless dogtooth zones, favourite GT spots, a dozen or more islands, seamounts that rise from uber depths to just below the surface, currents & FAD’s for wahoo, yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, mahi mahi, the list goes on…

Equipment is discussed, as exotic popping, jigging & bluewater sportfishing rods, reels and lures are put on show for the committee.
Your fishing guides depart to prepare for the following day, and to get their beauty sleep.

Angele, Jeanine and the Trees & Fishes team carefully transform the impromptu tackle show into a waterfront dining setting. It’s late afternoon and the sun will soon set behind Lelepa island directly opposite, you’ve got front row seats for spectacular sunsets over the water here, it’s yours all week infact!

It seems all this excitement plus the individually portioned airline rations have left you a decent hunger, this is added to by the mouthwatering aromas coming from the kitchen close by.

Feasts of three course dinners of the freshest island grown, caught and carefully prepared cuisine awaits you each night. Your jig bag might be lighter when you go home but you might add a few pounds elsewhere to make up for it.

It’s only day 1 and you already feel as far away as possible from home, & the hustle and bustle that goes with it.

You’ve lost track of time but thankfully your every want and need is looked after here. At the end of the jetty Azzurra, Al Dente and Andiamo are poised ready for action.
Tomorrow you’ll be out there experiencing your very own Ocean Blue fishing adventure!

But for now, it’s all about enjoying the small details, a picture perfect location, fantastic 5 star service, & great times away with special people. So as the fire burns and crackles down, you all raise your glasses and toast the beginning of your well deserved holiday.

To be continued…

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Could this be your Vanuatu fishing adventure story?

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