Variety…Spicing it up in Vanuatu!

Vanuatu is a nation of beautiful people, spectacular scenery and sensational fishing. It was my third fishing trip to Vanuatu as I was lucky enough to return after nearly a ten year break.

On the previous fishing trip I enjoyed the Ocean Blue experience with local identity Remy Frouin aboard Bolero, it was a five day live aboard fishing trip catching Marlin, Wahoo etc.

I returned with my good friend Peter to find the same quality fishing was still avaliable, except with a twist, we were introduced to extreme jigging and popping ! We experienced some unbelievable fishing in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Massive dogtooth Tuna, Giant Trevally, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and the list goes on. Our skipper Andrea kept mixing thing up to keep us on the fish as much as possible.

We trolled out to seamounts which rise out of the deep blue to with 100m from the surface, once there we continued to troll until the fishing began to slow, then we stopped to jig the seamount. Our jigs were regularly slammed by fish with immense speed and power so we continued to jig until our arms could no longer hack the pace. Then we would return to trolling to the next destination. Andrea took us to some magnificent reef systems to cast poppers and stick baits for Giant Trevally, Red Bass and other pelagics.

The fishing was spectacular and the scenery was just as impressive. Large mountains climbing steeply from the depths up to the clouds above, lava rocks covered with the bright green dense jungle.

After each day`s fishing we were greeted upon arrival by Angele and a cool wet towell to wipe away the sweat and refresh our sun beaten faces. After a quick swim we`d enjoy a nice shower in our well appointed accommodation then venture down to the bar area for a cool ale.

The catering provided is excellent with a great selection of beer, wine and spirits is available at very reasonable costs. Angele would serve platters made from local produce, tasty, fresh and vibrant in colour. Then when we were all ready for dinner we would relocate to the foreshore dinner setting and watch the sun go down. There we enjoyed generous servings of restaurant quality meals having excellent presentation. The hosts and staff of Oceanblue fishing are very friendly, proffessional and accommodating allowing us to enjoy an experience to remember.

Thank you Anthony, Angele, Andrea and Tony for such a memorable fishing holiday.
Nick Davi, South Australia

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Variety…Spicing it up in Vanuatu!

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