choosing right sunglasses

Choosing the right glasses

Trip is booked and paid for, tackle sorted and packed properly, and brand new clothing bought fresh from AFTCO and Columbia— you think it’s time to head out the door and hop into your buddy’s car to get dropped off at the airport? Well, there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss. Sunglasses.

Sunglasses are one of the most important and often overlooked tools for fishing. Apart from being the best protection from the sun and other objects, a great pair of polarized sunglasses can also help you enjoy your time on the water more by allowing you to see a few feet below the surface, making sight fishing and locating underwater structure easier.

Lens color selection can be pretty tricky when you are limited to only one pair, but in the perfect world, you would need a few pairs on big trips for back ups and for different light conditions you might experience out on the water. Here are some color options that I would recommend you consider:

Blue Mirror

Blue lenses are highly recommended for offshore and deep sea applications. They are great for days when there are no cloud cover at all. They provide great light dissipation which prevent your eyes from strain. Probably the most bought color lenses currently. They do suffer from some loss in contrast and clarity, so it’s recommended to use this color only for travelling long distances and fishing under bright sunny conditions.


Good clarity in bright, sunny conditions. Grey lenses don’t distort colors much, while providing great glare reduction. This is a great all around color option because it also performs well even under overcast conditions. An all-rounder that can be a great performer when sight fishing.

Amber / Brown / Copper:

Amber lenses are great for variable light and overcast conditions as they do a great job of enhancing contrast. Clarity is excellent on these colors keeping your eyes sharp yet comfortably relaxed at the same time due to eye strain preventing capabilities. A personal favorite color of our Operations Manager Jed Hokins, who have skippered big ships and fishing boats– he swears that you can see and avoid bottom structure while wearing this color lens.

We won’t touch on brands at this stage as almost all polarized sunglass manufacturers have achieved amazing quality in terms of build and lens clarity. Just one more thing to mention is to go and try out the glasses before you buy them. Holding them in your hands and inspecting them personally is a great way to check out quality and suss out any defects, while trying them on in the shops also allow you to pick the right frame shape and size for your head. You can also see for yourself how good the lenses are when you try them out in store.

So there you have it. A quick recommendation guide for those who are keen to purchase a new pair of sunnies or if you want backups for your next big trip.

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Choosing the right glasses

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