Pop, Tackle, Snap: The Best Fishing Apps For All Anglers!

Technology, almost all the time, exceeds our expectations. These days, even your phone can do a whole range of tasks and one huge benefit is that it can help you with your fishing trips. We’ve put together a list of some of the best fishing apps that are designed to help with angling activities. With these fishing apps you improve your hobby and increase your chances of catching more fish.


No man is an island. That’s why it would be best for anglers to have social interaction with their fellow fishing enthusiasts to gain info and camaraderie amongst each other. Thankfully, the Fishbrain app is within reach. This app is actually a social networking platform that connects more than five million anglers from all over the world.

Once registered, you will be able to access useful info such as collective data from almost two million fishing locations. Apart from that, you can also use this app to record your angling and catch logs. Fishbrain is available for Androis and iOS users for free.

Click here to know more about Fish Brain.

Pro Angler

This fishing app is made for the saltwater anglers. Their “What’s Biting” feature allows you to have a weekly glimpse on what’s, well, biting in a specific region and read reports created by seasoned anglers and fishing captains. This app also gathers information from over 15,000 GPS fishing hotspots, weather info, fishing and gear tips, guides on how to knot as well as info on more than 200 saltwater fish species. Pro Angler also lets you store documents such as your fishing licenses. This app is available for Android and iOS users and is absolutely free to download.

Learn more about Pro Angler here.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Looking for Solunar time tables? Get it from this app. The Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time app provides well-detailed, predicted periods of animal feeding and activity. Although you need to pay for some premium features, a free version of this app is available. Now you will be able to tell rise and set times for the sun and moon as well as a weather forecast. This fishing app is available only for Android users.

Click on the link for more info on this app.

Boating Australia and New Zealand By Navionics

For those who are residing in Australia or New Zealand, this app is for you. This is not a fishing app per se but can come handy for those who want to improve their boating skills. The app allows you to view charts where you can base your trips as well as shout out to fellow anglers within the community. To use this, you must first subscribe to Navionics. It doesn’t come for free so it’s totally up to you to shell out some cash.

More info here: Navionics

Fishing Knots

If you’ve been angling for quite some time now, you probably have a fishing knot of choice already. But if you want to ante up your knotting game or if you want to learn more about it, this app will be a great tool. The Fishing Knot app comes with detailed instructions on how to tie the most essential of fishing knots. Give it a go and check out dozens of different knots. Click here for more info on Fishing Knots App.

With these fishing apps, you’ll gain knowledge and insights, and your fishing experience will become much better. The only caveat is that sometimes there are no signals in the deep. But fishing trips accompanied by angling experts would also do you just fine.

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Pop, Tackle, Snap: The Best Fishing Apps For All Anglers!

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