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Fishing With Drones: What You Need to Know

These days people use drones to take photos and videos from virtually all areas and angles that are too high or too hard to reach. But did you know that you can also use drones to cast and hold a fishing line?

Drones can be used as a tool to extend the fishing line to a more specific location that you are unable to reach from the boat. Sound interesting? Then read our steps below for fishing with drones and also caring for your drone when taking it fishing.

What are Drones?

Gaining some momentum over the past few years, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, are lightweight gadgets that fly and hover, navigated via remote control that uses GPS tracking system. Drones can be used in so many ways, but their most important purpose is to record events at a more professional level. But nowadays, people fly drones as a past time or hobby for clips and vlogs.

How to Cast Using Your Drones

Though its main use is to record videos or take photos, drones are also used for other things such as transporting lightweight material. If you want to use drones as a fishing aide, below is the procedure.

  1. First, you have to set and place your attachment point in the drone. Position it in the middle of the drone’s body to make it easier for the propellers to balance over it.
  2. Next, place a downrigger release clip to the primary attachment point. This clip will serve as the line’s release system. Tie or clip it securely to the drone.
  3. Third, it’s now time to secure the fishing line to the release clip. Let the drone fly to your preferred location. Make sure that the reel is unlocked so the drone can move easily.
  4. When the drone is already on your desired fishing point, lock the reels and let the drone fly forward until the reel is released from the clip.

Practice these steps first so you can adjust the tension you need for the release clip to detach the line.

Using Drones to Capture Photos and Videos

Taking a drone fishing with you can also be used as a great tool to capture your fishing action from angles that are out of anyone’s reach. Aside from that, drones are also helpful in scouting the area so you can check where the fish are abundant.

Using Drones with Care

Although using drones for fishing may be fun, you have to remember you’re in the middle of the sea and one simple mistake can ruin your flying gadget for life. Here are some tips on how to use drones carefully while fishing.

Don’t let the drone fly very far. Drones can go quite as far but be sure to remain in control. Once it goes off limits you may not be able to track your remote and it may fall into the ocean.

Check the winds. Drones are lightweight so it can be carried away easily by gusts and wind flow. Some may be good at flying drones in higher winds but it involves a lot of risks so be careful.

Learn if fishing with drones is allowed in the area. There are places that don’t allow flying drones especially if it’s near nature. Contact the local authorities first before letting your drones fly free.

Monitor the battery life. When you attach things to your drones like, in this case, baits and lines, the battery life goes down faster than usual. Check the battery from time to time and don’t exhaust your drone by going over the load limit.

Fishing with drones can require technique, but also really successful. Once you master it, however, you will enjoy an expanded fishing experience plus you will also have awesome videos and fishing photos to boot. If you want to see more action-packed fishing photos and stories, check and Ocean Blue Fishing Trips.

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Fishing With Drones: What You Need to Know

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