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Packing for a Fishing Trip

So you’ve finally decided to book a fishing trip somewhere in the Pacific. The months building up to the trip dates may have afforded you time to prepare and purchase tackle for the trip. One can’t have too much poppers or jigs, right? Only when you start packing and the shocking realization that international airlines only provide 30kg check in luggage allowance that you start scratching your head as to how you’re going to pack everything you think you need for the coming fishing trip

Truth is, 30kg is enough, especially when you have set your fishing goals in stone. But if you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of fishing trip essentials and tips you can use to make your packing easier for your next fishing adventure:


On an Extreme GT and Dogtooth Adventure, you are probably targeting GT and Dogtooth tuna more than other species, so let us focus on your main quiver of rods. *Note that we will be averaging rod weights and rounding them up for a weight buffer. Rod weights will differ but not by much.

  1. Popping/Stickbait Rods
    1x Popping stick (PE8 – 10) = 380 – *450g
    1x Stickbait rod (PE8) =  350 – *380g
    1x Light Popping/Stickbait rod (PE6) = 300 – *320g
    1x Backup Rod (Rod that you know you will use the most) = 320g
    Total Weight = 1470g
  2. Jigging Rods
    1x PE6 jigging rod = 300 – *320g
    1x PE4 jigging rod = 180 – *200g
    1x backup rod = 300g
    Total weight = 820g
    ROD TOTAL = 2290g


Top tier reels are highly recommended as they will last you the whole trip even after days of constant use. Weights vary depending on brand and remember that the weights are just approximations.

  1. Reels
    1x 18000 size reel = (875g without line) 950g
    1x 14000 size reel = (690g without line) 720g
    1x 20000 size reel = (885g without line) 970g
    1x 8000 size reel = (675g without line) 700g
    1x 10000 size reel = (685g without line) 710g
fishing trip packing lures


These will solely be of personal preference. Favorite lures vary amongst anglers.

Lure weights vary widely, so we will just average their weights and classify them as heavy and medium

  1. Heavy lures for big GT and Doggies:
    10x assorted poppers = (140 – 180g ea.) =1800g
    10x assorted stickbaits = (110 – 140g ea.) = 1400g
  2. Medium lures for GT and Doggies:
    6x Medium poppers = (80 – 105g ea.) = 1050g
    6x Medium stickbaits = (60 – 100g ea.) = 1000g
    LURES TOTAL = 5250g


Jig and lure selection are of personal preference as well and will be matched with gear you plan to use

  1. 6x assorted jigs 300g = 1800g
    10x assorted jigs 200 – 250g = 2500g
    10x assorted jigs 100 – 180g = 1800g
    JIGS TOTAL = 6100g

Terminal Tackle

Hooks, Swivels, Rings, Leader, Spare line, Pliers, fighting belt

  1. TOTAL = 3000g

Cameras and accessories

Varying weights depending if you use a DSLR or a point and shoot.

  1. TOTAL = 3000g

Rod tube (Weight based on a SporTube Series1)

  1. TOTAL = 3600g


About 3 sets of clothing for the days out on the water plus 1 set of airport/travel clothes should do the trick. Trees and Fishes have laundry services available, so utilize those. We recommend lightweight and breathable clothing. Pack these around your rods in the rod tube for added protection.

  1. CLOTHING TOTAL = 2500g

At this point we are at 29.79KG! Just enough buffer to allow for scale measurement differential (cos sometimes airline scales overestimate luggage weights). This leaves us with 7kg of carry-on baggage for some spare clothing, laptop or other gadgets, buffs, gloves, sunnies, hats, and even reels without spool lines).\

Remember to take only what you need and always plan your fishing trip ahead.

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Packing for a Fishing Trip

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