Top Fishing Essentials to Bring on your Next Fishing Trip

Other than lures, spare line, hooks and other more obvious fishing necessities, let’s look at some of the more overlooked must have tools that you should bring on your next fishing trip if you have the luggage space to spare.

We have covered the packing list for when you are booked for a big fishing trip but this article, however, will cover items that aren’t that necessary but is good to have in your bag. Check out my list of “good to have” items you may want to bring on your next Vanuatu fishing trip.

1 Mini Bolt Cutters with Crimping Tool

Awesome tool to have for flattening barbs on your hooks and will be the best tool in your bag in case someone accidentally gets a hook in them. Sometimes even your best fishing pliers won’t be able to cut through a 4/0 treble hook. Learned that the hard way.

2 Glove Clips / Glove Grabbers

Nifty piece of kit this one. Wrap them around one of the t-top’s many grab bars where it is exposed to air and sunlight, clip on your gloves when the boat’s moving from spot to spot to keep your hands cool and your gloves dry. Perfect for other clothing like buffs and rain jackets that need drying too.

3 Box of Lens Wipes

These wipes were made for cleaning camera lenses and eyeglasses. Perfect for sunnies that have had their fair share of salt spray. Camera guys love these when out on the water as miniscule droplets of saltwater always find their way to the camera lenses, always. Brownie points earned if you share them to the other guys on the trip.

4 USB Flash Drive / External Hard Drive

Please bring one on your next big fishing trip. It is heaps better than dropbox or Google Drive, I promise. You’ll get your photos and videos almost instantly and in your bag right after a trip, instead of hassling the guys to upload your photos and send you a dropbox link for you to download. They make 1GB and 2GB USB flash drives nowadays which is space saver, although an external hard drive doesn’t take much space at all.

5 Reusable Water Bottle

Yeah it takes up some valuable luggage space, but it is good for the environment. A 26oz bottle will be enough for a day’s fishing along with canned soft drinks and beers. Do your part and reduce plastic bottle usage.

6 USB Charging Hub

Most of our electronics like mobile phones, cameras, Go-Pros etc utilize a USB charger of some sort. This charging hub allows you to minimize the amount of cables you will bring to avoid untangling cables when unpacking.

7 Leukoplast Adhesive Tape (medical/surgical)

Both for safety and utility, these tapes have great adhesive properties and won’t fall of even when wet. When it is extra hot and you don’t want to wear gloves, wrap a layer of this tape over your casting finger and you’ll be good to go. Great first aid tape for deep cuts and wounds as well.

8 After Sun Cream

Need we say more? After sun cream helps with sunburnt skin, when left untreated will make the following fishing days extremely uncomfortable. Do your skin a favor and bring a bottle of after sun cream on your next fishing trip.

9 Rehydrating Eye Drops

Another unnecessary item, but great to have. Your eyes are the most important when fishing, and you don’t want any discomfort due to daily exposure to the sun’s UV rays. If you don’t go out to sea often, a day’s fishing will leave your eyes strained and dehydrated even under the protection of your brand new polarized sunnies. A few drops into each eye will provide rehydration and cooling comfort. It is definitely great to have in your pocket when out fishing.

There you have it folks. Some good to have items in your bag on your next Vanuatu fishing trip. It won’t ruin your trip if you don’t have them but can make a big difference once you need them.

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Top Fishing Essentials to Bring on your Next Fishing Trip

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