Prevention is Key! How to Avoid The Most Common Fishing Accidents

Whether you like to admit it or not, fishing is an activity that can have you looking right in the face of danger. Yes, the thrill and adrenaline is a draw card, however, people can get so excited that they forget precautionary measures to guard their own safety. Accidents happen, true, but it can be prevented with some easy steps. Don’t let these common fishing accidents happen to you on your next trip by following the tips below.

Swim, Never Sink

Perhaps one of the most common, and tragic fishing accidents occurs when anglers are thrown out of the boat and drown. In fact, it might be the most fatal of all fishing accidents. In Australia alone, about 20 anglers drown annually during a fishing activity; that’s more people each year than scuba divers and sailors.

To prevent someone from drowning, anglers should know the basics of swimming. It may seem funny to think and talk but not a lot of anglers know how to swim or even float. To go the extra mile, keep a flotation device somewhere in the boat. A fishing safety vest is another good option. It’s not as bulky as an ordinary life vest and it has pockets where you can tuck your gear and accessories in.

Don’t Slip Away

Slipping isn’t rare in fishing – you’re dealing with water all day. While in some cases you might just laugh it off, slipping can sometimes cause serious injuries as well as issues with either your bones or muscles or both.

That’s why it’s very important to keep a first aid kit onboard at all times in case of a slipping accident. But to prevent slipping from happening, wear slip-proof foot gear that has soles with high friction resistance. To double the safety, line the boat floor with anti-slip mats, but make sure to clean it regularly as they sometimes tend to become slippery when not washed.

Fish-Related Injury

Some anglers can get a little more than excited when they finally land a fish. But the fish can be just as keen to attack you. And, when you’re not careful enough, you might find yourself being bitten or, worse, impaled by the fish. Of course, you wouldn’t want that. So how do you avoid bloody fish-related injuries?

There are a few factors, but the most important one lies in how you handle a live fish. Always make sure that you have a great control of the fish, especially if it’s a small one. Keep your hands and body away from the mouth and bill and make sure you’re not touching the sharp thorny scales, fins and tail. Always use a glove when handling.

Gear-Related Fishing Accidents

Last but not the least in this list applied to the gear you use. Fishing rods have parts that can hurt or cause injury when you’re not careful. Fishing hooks, for example, are amongst the most common gear accidents – anglers can get “hooked” with these sharp items. Just remember to always be mindful when using fishing gear to prevent injuries to yourself, and your angling mates as well.

When fishing, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. When you are mindful and when you prepare prior to a fishing trip, you can cast these fishing accidents worries away.

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Prevention is Key! How to Avoid The Most Common Fishing Accidents

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