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How to Fish with Stick Baits. Tips on luring More Fish!

If you struggle using stick baits then ‘stick’ around. Stick baits aren’t new but over the past few years they’ve undergone some important updates. There are baits that are now available in micro sizes for bream and whiting to extra large lures suitable for GTs, tuna and even marlin. They now also come in different textures and materials that can be used to target most sport fish. Read on to find out more on using stick baits.

What Sets Stick Baits Apart?

The primary difference between stick baits and other lures are they don’t have any built-in action. Most lures have blades, skirts, bibs etc. to help create a swimming action while being retrieved: stick baits have none of these. When an angler does a straight retrieve, a stick bait will skim back across the surface. However, there are sinking “slider” stick bait models that create a slight action when retrieved through the water, making a wounded baitfish movement.

The thing you have to remember when it comes to stick baits is that it relies wholly on you putting the action into the lure. Yep, we know it can sound off-putting but once you learn to balance the bait in the water then you will become more inspired by the potential it brings. In fact, stick baits are one of the most effective lures out there.

ocean blue fishing
Ocean Blue Fishing

Casting Stick Baits

If you’re going to fish using stick baits (or even poppers) your casting technique is very important. To start, put some gloves on to prevent your fingers from getting sore and also for comfort and safety. Next, grab the rod and reel then open the bail-arm so that the underside of the reel will be opened, keeping the bail-arm away from fingers. After that, cast the rod over your head to make sure your lure will end up in the water even if you accidentally flicked the bail-arm.

In that position, use your left arm to pull down on the rod to load it up with the lure long before following through with your right. Don’t forget to point the rod along the trajectory of the line.

It’s also very important to always monitor the lure sailing through the air. You need to close the bail-arm before it hits the water; that way, you would enable to react to an instant strike when the lure touches down.

ocean blue fishing
ocean blue fishing

Stick Baits to Imitate Suspended Bait

This technique allows your bait to create a swinging action right through the column of suspended baitfish. It may seem tedious but it’s a lot easier than it sounds. To do this, you have to rig a stick bait first on a dropshot rig. Once done, all you have to do is cast out with a bit of an effort and close the bail as soon as your bait hits the water.

Thought it may have sounded so simple, timing is still everything with this technique. Once you lock the bail just right on time the slack in your line will tight up, causing the stick bait to swing back to you like a pendulum. To maintain its swinging action, you have to shake the tip and reel really slowly. Using this technique and let it float right through a batch of suspended baitfish can be extremely effective.

Learning first how to fish using stick baits is a very important step. Make sure you practice at your local bay or river first before embarking on a fishing trip. And when you think you’re ready, you can book a trip with us at the Ocean Blue Fishing Adventures where our guides will help you get the most of fishing with stick baits. Click the link here to know more about our fishing trips and their schedules.

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How to Fish with Stick Baits. Tips on luring More Fish!

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