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Multiple Marlin Fishing: How do you catch more than one billfish at the same time?

If you’ve observed or participated in a fishing tournament before, you’ve probably wondered how on earth some teams manage such high numbers and find themselves on the top fleet. The answer is simple: they tend to catch numerous billfish on a single trip by turning a single hookup into a double or a double hookup into a triple or quad. As mentioned in a previous post, billfish tends to swim in packs so this increases your chance of landing multiple Marlin. If you want to know how to master the art of catching more than one billfish at a time, read on.

Prepare for the Battle

Mental Preparedness

Like they always say, preparation is always – always – half the battle. And the first step to successful multiple marlin fishing is to be mentally prepared. Not physically, not gear-wise. Mentally always think that there are plenty of billfish back there in the spread once you’re going in for the bite. It makes it easier for the action to happen. Positivity is key, mates.


The next one is pretty obvious – to get more than once catch, throw more than one bait in the water. Expert anglers won’t be any more successful by turning the boat in the direction of the first bite – this will clear only parts of the spread to avoid lines from tangling. Then redeploy teasers, baits and dredges as soon as they can be replaced in the spread.


Gathering a group of talented anglers is another key factor for successful marlin fishing, especially for multiple hookups. Don’t forget to pay attention to what’s going on around in your environment and take advice from the mates and captain.

Multiple Marlin Fishing – The Technique

Now the fun part begins.

If you want to get multiple bites, don’t forget to keep the baits in the water for as long as possible. You also have to turn the boat after the first bite.

If you start with a left-rigger bite, turn the boat to the left so it will keep that fish on the inside of the turn. That way, it will clear the dredge and teaser on that side – and you will be able to fight the fish easier.

Once that is done, you’ll be able to reset everything by taking the left flat up to the left rigger. In this position, take a new bait placed in the left flat position. The inside dredge should also be back in the water but keep it short. Anglers usually clear the bridge teaser on the same side and take it in the boat. It is preferred to make to complete turns on a hooked fish before the boat clears the spread and does chasing in the reverse. Some would also circle back around on the area where the first bite occurred – but don’t do this when there are birds or bait on the surface.

If you can master these techniques tested and proven by seasoned anglers, you should be on your way to perfecting multiple marlin fishing. If you’re not feeling 100% confident about doing it on your own, a chartered fishing trip with guides can help. Click here for more info.

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Multiple Marlin Fishing: How do you catch more than one billfish at the same time?

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