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How Can We Protect Our Oceans? Tips for Anglers.

Angling is a recreational activity that everyone can participate in. It is also a good way to have fun with friends and family. However, the ocean needs to be protected at all costs. Irresponsible fishing and other side activities can be harmful to the marine ecosystem and will have negative effects in the long run.

As anglers, we can always be mindful when it comes to protecting our environment. Here are the ways on you can save the ocean each day.

Catch and Release

Catch and release is one way to protect the marine life. Recommended by a number of marine conservation organizations and groups, this method allows anglers to catch fish and then release it afterwards. Catch and release allows fish to stay within their environment so they can increase their population. But catching and releasing is not just simply tossing a fish back to the water; it involves a method that should be practiced with caution. Click here to know the ways to release a fish.

Join Environmental Organizations

A hundred heads is, more often than not, better than one. If you’re really passionate about saving the ocean and its inhabitants, join an environmental organization. These groups aim to give time and effort to help protecting the environment and, lucky for us, they can be found almost everywhere. When joining, you can help in two ways; offer financial support from time to time, or volunteer for their advocacy such as clean-up drives.

Practice Sustainable Fishing

So what is sustainable fishing? It is the practice of knowing what kind of fish to catch and how much you can only catch at a time. Sustainability differs depending of the geographical location, size and also what type of fishing is being practiced. All anglers should be aware of what can be fished in the area and know what the limits are.

Mind Your Waste

According to Ocean Health Index, 20% of all the marine debris comes from marine vessels. That means 636,000 tons of trash is dumped into the ocean each year. As an angler, you don’t want to add to this. Keep your litter on the boat and dispose of it properly once back on land. Another way to help is to report any suspicious pollution occurrence, or activity such as oil spillages.

As mentioned, angling needs a healthy and diverse marine environment to continue to exist. That’s why it’s just amazing to know that most anglers are responsive when it comes to preserving and protecting the ocean. Become more aware and help the aquatic environment by doing the suggestions above.

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How Can We Protect Our Oceans? Tips for Anglers.

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