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Sun Protection Clothing: Stay Sun Safe When Fishing

As an angler, the sun can be your enemy and your friend at the same time. The sun is your friend because the sun signifies that a good fishing day lies ahead. On the other hand, the sun is your enemy because staying under the sun for quite some time can be harmful to your skin and your health.

All anglers know they will be exposed to the sun all day when out fishing. But sometimes we can get so used to it, and so preoccupied with our fishing that we forget that too much sun exposure is very damaging to skin as well as overall health.

Before your next angling adventure gear up with the right clothing to protect yourself from long-lasting effects to your skin, body and health.

The Basics of Sun Protection Clothing

When you’re fishing, your skin is the most exposed to the sun. Radiation and heat brought by sun rays penetrates your skin which in turn causes harmful effects. Sunburn may be the most common effect when you’re fishing all day but long-term effects such as wrinkles, spots and even skin cancer can happen if you don’t properly protect your skin.

Cotton shirts may feel great when worn but they won’t protect you from the sun, especially when soaked. Opt for a polyester clothing as this type of fiber has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 40.

Upper body – Long-sleeved shirts or rash guards cover much of your upper body. Wear a hat or hoodie to cover your head.

Hands – Fishing gloves not only protect your hands but also help in maximizing your grip.

Face – Wearing a sun mask protects your face from getting sunburn as well as windburn. Match it up with shades to protect your eyes from too much sun and glare.

Lower body – Aside from being a protective cover for your legs, fishing pants made of air-dry fabrics are a great idea because they don’t get heavy when seawater seeps in.

Added Protection

To further protect your skin from harmful rays, apply a generous amount of sunscreen at least half an hour before you sail. Make sure that you’re using SPF30 or above to help protect your skin from the sun. There are many varieties of sunscreen to choose from, from lotions to sprays. Lotions and creams are more effective in protecting but can feel sticky and heavy at times. Sprays are lighter but you have to reapply every once in a while.

Love your body as much as you love your fishing hobby. With these protective clothing tips, you will be able to focus on having fun angling while keeping yourself safe from the harsh conditions of the sun. Get more amazing fishing tips and articles by clicking on this link.

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Sun Protection Clothing: Stay Sun Safe When Fishing

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