Couple Goals: Reasons Why You Should Go On A Fishing Date

Fishing may be a bit intimidating to some, especially if it’s something that someone hasn’t experienced it before. But as an angler, you probably want your date to like not just you, but also this amazing hobby of yours. If you’re having a hard time convincing your date to go fishing with you, here are some good reasons to ask her, or him, to join you.

It’s Great To Be In Nature

Fishing is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. Being away from the city for a while is a very appealing reason for a date. Aside from being on the ocean for a day to catch fish, you will be able to spend some time relaxing by the beach, enjoying a drink, great food, perhaps a sunrise or sunset, or watch the stars on a clear night. So romantic!

Nobody’s Gonna Cut In

When you’re, say, in a bar, chances are your date could be admired by others and they, like you, might also be interested to ask for a date. Of course, you don’t want that! That’s why you should go out on a fishing date instead – you will be alone (save for the captain and crew, but they’re there to work). You will feel more present because your date can only focus on you and you can focus only on them.

Show Them Your Fishing and Grilling Skills

This is a great chance for you to impress with your angling skills! When you go out to fish, show your date how good of an angler you are by explaining the sport – from the tools you bring to the techniques and tips. And, when the fishing day is done, you can also show off your grilling and cooking skills. You can never go wrong with a freshly caught fish. And, as they say, great food can be the way to the heart.

Fishing is A Great Photo Op Activity

Is your prospect into photos and selfies? Then taking them out for a fishing date is a brilliant idea. When you’re in nature – every scene is “Instagrammable”. Imagine, you guys are on the sea, surrounded by blue skies and bluer water plus the magic of natural lighting – it’s an ideal setting for an Instagram post! And when you capture more photos of you having fun or posing with your catch. you can simply expect to get more likes and comments.

It’s Really Just a Fantastic Date Idea

Going out for a cup of coffee? Very basic. Dinner for two? Been there. We may have come a long way, but when it comes to dating, we are still doing the plain, boring ideas. When you take your date for a fishing weekend, it’s more than just spending time together. Fishing involves a lot of physical activity and, needless to say, a great amount of teamwork. You’ll not just having fun but you also have more time connecting with each other to achieve a common goal – landing a game fish.

With these reasons, we can easily say that a fishing date is a good idea. Take your date on a fishing trip and they may just like it; who knows, maybe you’ll become a fishing couple! And if you’re planning right now, check out our future fishing trips. For an unforgettable romantic fishing trip, you can stay at Trees and Fishes. Click here to check out the place.

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Couple Goals: Reasons Why You Should Go On A Fishing Date

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