Things to do in Vanuatu when not fishing

When Not Fishing: Other Things to do in Vanuatu

When it comes to fishing, Vanuatu is one of the most perfect places to do that. But don’t you know that there’s more to Vanuatu than just a fishing destination? This South Pacific Ocean nation may be small but it is packed with other attractions that tourists and anglers should visit and try at least once. When not fishing, here are some other things to do in Vanuatu.

Visit the Ekasup Cultural Village

If you thirst for knowledge about other people’s culture, then you should head to the Ekasup Cultural Village. In here, you will be able to witness Futuna islanders have talks and exhibits about their traditional lifestyle at their kastom village. The village is just near to Port Vila so you can visit this site easily.

Swim with Dugongs in Port Vila’s Dive Sites

The island of Efate is home to a number of fantastic dive sites, maritime wrecks, and the Dugongs. If you’re a big diving fan yourself and wanted to see sites in this side of Vanuatu, make sure to have the Ollies Loly, the Star of Russia, Cathedral, Mele Reef and Konanda Reef included in your list of diving sites to visit. If you’re lucky, you would also have the opportunity to swim with the gentle giants that are dugongs. We offer diving direct from our lodge Trees and Fishes so for anyone who wishes to incorporate a few dives with their fishing there is no better place.

Things to do in Vanuatu when not fishing
Source: Tourism Vanuatu
Things to do in Vanuatu when not fishing
Source: Global Environment Facility

Tread the Road Less Travelled with a Buggy

Do you want to see and discover Vanuatu in a different way? Then rent an off-road buggy and see how unique and exciting this kind of touring is. You will be provided a two-seater automatic off-road buggy for your tour and you will be supervised by an expert tour guide who can take you to Port Vila and its surroundings. You can even choose the places you want to visit – from villages to beaches and jungles. Now this is the kind of tour you’d really like. Warning: It can get really muddy, too.

Source: Island Life Magazine
Things to do in Vanuatu when not fishing

Visit the National Museum of Vanuatu

And to cap off our list of things to do in Vanuatu is a visit to their national museum. The museum, which is inside a huge traditional building, houses a great array of traditional artefacts like a tamtam (slit gongs or drums), headdresses, jewelry, canoes and pottery. You can opt to visit the museum by yourself or you can join a guided tour which include traditional instrument demonstration and sand drawing.

When you want to experience other activities aside from fishing in Vanuatu, then this list can definitely help. We at Ocean Blue Fishing can assist by incorporating all of this in your package or arrange while on your stay with us. Click here for our fishing trips

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When Not Fishing: Other Things to do in Vanuatu

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