Experience more than just a Vanuatu Fishing Adventure.

For over 25 years, Ocean Blue Fishing has dared to explore the unknown and provide our clients with memorable experiences. It’s why we do what we do to elevate adventure and deliver our clients something new. Whether it’s fishing unconquered underwater sea mounts or simply enjoying the scenery after a big day on the water, we can design your perfect adventure. From landing that elusive record trophy to releasing your first billfish, we understand these experiences stay with you forever. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, our team will help you plan an adventure created just for you.

An experience you simply can’t get anywhere else

Ocean Blue is the only true Sport Fishing Adventure company offering a total experience from the moment you first make contact to the moment you depart. Ocean Blue own and operate Trees and Fishes Anglers Retreat and our four Edge Water Sport Fishers. So if you’re after more than just a fishing trip, join us in a perfect location with a stunning setting, enjoy superb cuisine in a tropical atmosphere totally relaxing!

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